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Geo-Matrix™ G2

“Full protection from head to toe”

This mattress is used for the maintenance of skin health; the healing of stage I-II pressure injuries (redness or superficial skin wounds)

This mattress features a high-density polyurethane foam base, memory foam core, 1.5” Geo-Matrix™ mattress gel topper in the coccyx section, .75″ pillow top gel in the head and heel sections, and an incorporated foam perimeter border for help with transfers and ADLs. The Geo-Matrix™ G2 combines the comfort and pressure reduction of memory foam with the superior durability and temperature regulation of gel. The full Geo-Matrix™ gel top is ideal for peak pressure point reduction and protection from shear in any prone position. Even when bony prominences are resting on areas outside traditional high-risk zones, whether from extreme contraction or high tone, the whole body is protected.

Product Specifications


Dual density polyurethane foam base, 5 lb memory foam core, firm foam perimeter border, Pillow Top gel in head and heel section and Blue Mattress gel in the coccyx area


4 way stretch, antimicrobial, fluid proof, wipeable cover with nylon quilting layer



Standard Sizes


Custom Sizes

39”x80” , 42”x80” , 54”x80”, 60”x80”, for any other custom size or to order a split mattress (Half G1, half foam for example) please contact our office.

Product Code

G2MF(+size) e.g G2MF3680

Weight Capacity

Maximum 300lbs / custom 500lbs upon request


$3,520.00 standard size mattress


5 years on mattress, 1 year on cover

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