Bed Frames

Durable. Long Lasting. Easy to Use. Classic Design. 

The Blake Medical bed frame offering is suitable for anywhere from Long Term Care to Home Care. 

All of our frames are built to last. With a range of features including; High-Low Positioning, Wall hug design to prevent fall risk, Head and Foot elevation, Embedded Controls and more. The frames that we have selected to offer to you are designed to fit a wide range of user’s needs. 

Multiple add-on accessory options are available for each frame. Most frames can include width expansion options if a standard frame size will not suffice. 

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All Care

  • Deck Low height of 3.6”/ Max. height of 25”
  • Instantly expandable widths of 35”, 39”, 42”
  • Max weight capacity 600lbs

EX 8000

  • Deck Low height of 9.5”/ Max. height of 25.5”
  • Instantly expandable widths of 35”, 39”, 42”, 48″
  • Max weight capacity 800lbs

Retractabed Fixed and Variable

  • With Hand Pendant
  • Fixed 35″ width / Variable 35″- 42″ width
  • Max weight capacity 500lbs

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