Complete seating solutions are now completely

No risk of punctures, flattening, failing or inflation issues

Complete seating solutions are now completely

No risk of punctures, flattening, failing or inflation issues

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Geo-Matrix™ Gel by Blake Medical offers people the ability to sit, or lay down for longer periods without discomfort. The innovative gel and gel/foam layers effectively manage pressure with enhanced immersion qualities.

Geo-Matrix™ gently cradles different body shapes, bony prominences and sitting positions. For people with reduced sensation or mobility, or who have a high risk of skin breakdown, gel cushions help prevent and heal skin ulcers caused by pressure, friction or shear. Even upside down, a gel cushion is the only surface that would not cause serious discomfort or even injury!

Geo-Matrix gel cushions can also be easily customized for the perfect fit.


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Redistributes Pressure

“In October 2017 I seriously injured my back in the L3-L4 region requiring surgery… since the initial recovery period I have had constant aches and pain, sometimes so bad I couldn’t stand up straight let alone dress myself or anything else besides move from my bed to my chair…I decided to go with the Blake G2 mattress and since it has arrived I have not woke up in ANY pain or even mild aches, I feel more energetic and fully rested, I am able to move and function properly without any warm up period, I haven’t slept this well in my entire life that I can remember!” 

I have used all of the Geo-Matrix™ cushions with great success especially the Geo-Matrix™ Platinum. Also I have used the Geo-Matrix™ Silverback Max. My clients are very satisfied and comfortable with the backs and cushions. Just recently we had a client who purchased a Geo-Matrix™ Platinum from another vendor, the client was not comfortable so I was asked to contact Chris about doing some pressure mapping, which he gladly did. We found out that the Geo-Matrix™ Platinum was not the right cushion for my client so we tried her on a Geo-Matrix™ Silver which she is very happy with. Thanks for all your help and great products.

“I’ve never been this comfortable.”

Arianna (pictured above).

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Blake Medical Distribution is proud to be Canadian. Centrally located in Hamilton Ontario Blake Medical is continually searching for and developing products that comfort, enrich and improve the lives of our customers. We have simplified a complicated problem with our low maintenance Geo-Matrix™ line as well as offered other unique and effective therapeutic and preventative surfaces. At Blake Medical we look forward to;       

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