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Sleep quality impacts health, it’s a well-known fact. Blake Medical proudly offers products and accessories to aid in improved sleep while helping to prevent or treat skin issues, including high-quality mattress/mattress replacement systems, as well as overlays and frames to complete our line of better sleep solutions.

Our mattresses are meticulously engineered for optimal comfort, skin protection, function and durability. Our mattresses are used in homes, hospitals and long-term care.

Static Mattresses

All of our non-powered foam & Geo-Matrix™ mattresses provide superior comfort and protection through immersion and shear reduction.

Powered Mattresses

Selecting the correct powered mattress system requires consideration of weight, mobility, ease of transfer and the need for prevention and treatment of pressure injuries. Blake Medical offers a full range of solutions with low air loss, powered mattress systems that use turning, alternating and pulsating modalities for when optimal healing and moisture control are needed. Low air loss mattress systems provide superior pressure redistribution and are excellent for the treatment of stage 1-4 pressure injuries, as well as the reduction of maceration or shearing.

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