At Blake Medical we’re committed to “Adapting to your needs… Exceeding your expectations”… We continue to support our Mantra by providing you with thoroughly tested products that accommodate a variety of needs. Whether it’s wound care, pressure redistribution, positioning or simply comfort that you’re looking to achieve. We have a product for that. Cushions, Back rests, Mattresses, Accessories and all of the custom options that you can imagine, give us the ability to support you on your journey to the perfect seating and / or sleep solutions!

Geo-Matrix Cushions

Low Maintenance * Durable * Washable * High Performance. 

Our Geo-Matrix™ seating system offers people the ability to sit longer without discomfort. The innovative gel and gel/foam layers effectively manage pressure with enhanced immersion qualities. Blood flow is increased and peak pressure points are minimized …

Geo-Matrix Personal Backs

Lightweight * Spinal Support * Maximum Comfort.

Meticulously engineered wheelchair backs are designed to provide superior protection and treatment from pressure, friction and shear risks. The ideal solution for tilt chair applications and those in search of maximum immersion and comfort. For use at home, in hospitals and long-term care.


Exceptionally Soft Immersion * Pressure Redistribution 

Our Geo-Matrix™ wheelchair accessories provide superior pressure redistribution and aid in the prevention, treatment and healing of skin ulcers


Bed Frames

Suitable for anywhere from Long Term Care to Home Care.


The headrest… perfected. Geo-Matrix gel has been combined with memory foam to provide the ultimate comfort and protection.


Sleep quality impacts health, it’s a well-known fact. Blake Medical proudly offers products and accessories to aid in improved sleep while helping to prevent or treat skin issues.

Custom Options?

Check out a few examples of custom items we have created for great clients like yourself.

Kul Kote Technology

KulKote is a Temperature Regulating Technology. It’s a proprietary coating consisting of water based polymers and Phase Change Materials (PCM). It’s an industrial product that is used in consumer goods. KulKote is typically applied to flexible foams, textiles, and/or fibers for the purpose of regulating body temperature.