Our Geo-Matrix™ seating system offers people the ability to sit longer without discomfort. The innovative gel and gel/foam layers effectively manage pressure with enhanced immersion qualities. Blood flow is increased and peak pressure points are minimized because Geo-Matrix™ gel columns share the pressure load from bony prominences, which increases the “footprint” and inherently decreases pressure. This stimulates wound healing and reduces the risk of pain-related problems and skin breakdown.

Selecting the correct cushion requires consideration of mobility, postural stability and the need to prevent or treat pressure ulcers. We’ve eliminated the need for guesswork—no intrusive calibration procedures are required. This removes subjectivity from the process, saving valuable time in the caretaking process and giving both patients and caretakers increased peace of mind, as well as a more consistent and dignified experience when a new cushion is purchased.

The innovative Geo-Matrix™ seating systems also provide these unique benefits:

cleaning products

Gel layers and covers that can easily be disinfected and even machine-washed

Pressure Map of person

Proven pressure redistribution to prevent skin breakdown and heal existing pressure ulcers

deflated balloon

Worry-free comfort—no risk of punctures, flattening, failing or inflation issues

temperature changes

Temperature-proof Geo-Matrix gel does not harden in cold or capture/retain heat

close up of gel

The dry-polymer, closed-cell construction ensures no risk of the migration, leaking or oozing hazards posed by air- or fluid-filled products


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