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Salute RDX Air Mattress

“Peace of mind and added safety

This mattress is used for the maintenance of skin health; the prevention and treatment of stage I-IV pressure injuries.

This micro low air loss mattress system utilizes 18 8” combined air cells (4.5” therapy + 3.5” static air) to ensure support even in the event a power loss. The static air cell eliminates the need for a foam base, which means the whole surface can be easily disinfected. The Salute RDX pump powers the advanced 3-1 alternation, which provides active pressure relief: for every three cells, one cell alternates in deflation, off-loading pressure on the body and ensuring 2/3 of the body is always supported at any time.


Additional features:

  • Provides very quiet pressure redistribution
  • Eight electronic comfort settings for both alternation and static modes
  • Mesh center strip keeps cells together and provides protection from slipping between cells in any position
  • Happy Heel” digital foot section softness adjustment to maximize heel float, reduce heel pressure and protect from shear
  • Uses far less energy than traditional low air loss mattresses, greatly reducing operating costs

Product Specifications


18 – 8” cells (4.5” therapy + 3.5” static air)


Quilted Nylon cover

Standard Sizes

36” X 80”

Custom Sizes

Customizations available upon request

Product Code


Weight Capacity

500 lbs / 227 kg


$2,900.00 standard size mattress


2 years on mattress, 1 year on cover

Download the Salute RDX Manual

This handy PDF will show you all the information you require which helps you sleep soundly.

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