Geo-Matrix™ Headrests

The headrest… perfected

Geo-Matrix gel has been combined with memory foam to provide the ultimate comfort and protection.

Reduces Pressure & Shear

The Geo-Matrix headrest line is the only headrest that not only reduces pressure, but also reduces shear. When the head moves across a surface like a traditional headrest it creates shear. With the advantage of segmented dry polymer Geo-Matrix™ gel the reactionary force is greatly reduced, which reduces shear.

Download The Brochure

Click here to download the Geo-Matrix Headrests brochure for a more detailed look at how Blake Medical can suit your needs.

Easy to Use

Each Geo-Matrix™ headrest has an ultra stretchy removable cover. Covers are machine washable and easy to zip back on.

3 Standard Sizes:


11.5” x 8” with a 6” curve


10.5” x 8”


11” x 6”

Choose from:

  • Allen Key Adjustability
  • Tool-less Adjustability
    (The tool-less adjustable handle is made with a strong blue premium aluminum to handle the “extra tightening” that is needed to secure some headrests. The black chrome Multi Axis mechanism ensures a custom fit.)

Customize Your Fit

Blake Medical will be happy to make a custom Geo-Matrix™ pad for any existing headrest that needs added protection from pressure and shear.

Select a Geo-Matrix™ Headrest

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