Geo-Matrix™ G2

“Full protection from head to toe”

This mattress is used for the maintenance of skin health; the healing of stage I-II skin ulcers (redness or superficial skin wounds)

This mattress features a high-density polyurethane foam base, 5 lb. memory foam core, 1” Geo-Matrix™ gel topper and an incorporated foam perimeter border for help with transfers and ADLs. The Geo-Matrix™ G2 combines the comfort and pressure reduction of memory foam with the superior durability and temperature regulation of gel. The full Geo-Matrix™ gel top is ideal for peak pressure point reduction and protection from shear in any prone position. Even when bony prominences are resting on areas outside traditional high-risk zones, whether from extreme contraction or high tone, the whole body is protected.

Product Specifications
Construction: A dual density foam base and firm side bolsters with a 1” high green gel overlay
Cover: Recovery 5 cover
Height 6”
Standard sizes: 36” x 80”
Custom Sizes: Custom widths 39”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”.
Product Code: G2MF(+size)   e.g G2MF3680
Weight Capacity: Maximum 300lbs / custom 500lbs upon request
MSRP: $2,400 standard size mattress
Warranty: 2 years on mattress, 1 year on cover

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