Geo-Matrix blue hexagonal gel mattress overlay made by Blake Medical.

Dry Polymer Gel Overlay for use with Existing Mattress System


The Geo-Matrix™ overlay is constructed of 1″ gel, in a 36″ W x 80″ L configuration. The overlay is designed for use over an existing foam mattress. The overlay is indicated for prevention/maintenance of skin health and the treatment of early stage, non-complex pressure ulcers. Each overlay comes with a four-way stretch, fluid proof, fire retardant (Cal. Bulletin 117) anti-microbial cover.

Product number: GMO”WxD” eg. GMO3680

Product Specifications:
Construction One solid piece of Hexagonal/Honeycomb1.5” thick Geo-Matrix dry-polymer gel
Indication For maintenance of skin health and treatment of early stage, non-complex pressure ulcers
Standard Sizes 36” X 80”
Custom Sizes 39”, 42”, 48”, 54”, and 60” are available upon request
Warranty Gel overlay: three years; cover: one year
MSRP $1,900.00

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