Select a Geo-Matrix™ Silverback

Geo-Matrix™ Silverback Wheelchair Backs

Lightweight * Spinal Support * Maximum Comfort

Meticulously engineered wheelchair backs and accessories, mattress inserts and custom options

Optimal comfort, skin protection, function and durability

For use at home and in hospitals and long-term care

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Download The Brochure

Click here to download the Geo-Matrix Wheelchair backs brochure for a more detailed look at how Blake Medical can suit your needs.

Silverback Max

Silverback Max Geo-Matrix Gel foam Blake Medical Wheelchair backrest

Silverback Prime

Silverback Prime Geo-Matrix Gel foam Blake Medical Wheelchair backrest

Silverback Tension

The Next Evolution in Comfort

Please use the chart below to help you order your desired Silverback back rest.

The Easiest Hardwear You’ll Ever Install

The Quick Release mounting hardware is designed to be strong and functional.  This Quick Release mounting hardware allows for infinite on chair adjustment like angle, height and depth.  With a locking catch you can be assured the Silverback will never release unless you want it to.

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