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EX 8000

Product features:

  • Full clear span underneath for unobstructed access with lifts
    and assisting devices
  • Each pivot has hardened steel to increase the life of the bed
  • Soft non-marking bumpers to protect from wall damage
  • Box tubular steel is light weight and maximizes strength
  • The grid deck allows for ventilation under mattress
  • Easy storage and transport, this bed can b e disassembled in minutes and transported in tight areas
  • It has an expandable width up to 48” without the use of tools for more comfort and flexibility
  • Trendelenburg/ reverse Trendelenburg and cardiac chair can be quickly achieved with the 5-function

Product Specifications

Deck Height

Low- 9.5"
High- 25.5"

Sleeping Surface

35", 39", 42", 48" x 80"

Max weight Cap

800 lbs

Max Back Angle


Max Knee Angle


Bed Frame Weight

Foot Section lift- 42 lbs
Head Section Lift – 42 lbs
Head Section Sleep Surface- 94 lbs
Foot Section Sleep Surface- 91 lbs

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