Arm Rest Pads

Blake Medical’s arm rest pads reduce pressure, friction and shear on underside of forearms while providing maximum comfort.

Sold in a pair.

Product Specifications
Construction: One layer of Pillow Top gel with a closed cell foam base
Cover: recovery 5 wipeable moisture proof cover  with 5 2” Velcro straps
Height 1.5”
Standard sizes: 4”x14” (standard) & 4”x16”(large)
Custom Sizes: All dimensions available
Product Code: GAPSTD (standard),  GAPLRG (large) & GAP(+size)
Weight Capacity: N/A
Funding Information

ADP Code / Price:


SEAND0030 x 2 / Total of $130.00


MSRP: $140.00 / pair

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