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- Dale Hodges

I have used all of the Geo Matrix cushions with great success especially the Geo Matrix Platinum. Also I have used the Geo Matrix Silverback Max. My clients are very satisfied and comfortable with the backs and cushions. Just recently we had a client who purchased a Geo Matrix Platinum from another vender , the client was not comfortable so I was ask to contact Chris about doing some pressure mapping , which he gladly did . We found out that the Geo Matrix Platinum was not the right cushion for my client so we tried her on a Geo Matrix Silver which she is very happy with. Thanks For All Your Help And Great Products.

- Dale Hodges
- Patrick Zuccaro, Macdonald’s Home Health Care

We started using Blake Medical products when Chris first visited us back in 2012. The reason we started using them was because of the quality and durability of the products and the amazing service we received from Blake Medical. We have consistently used their products since then and have always had great success. If we need anything done Chris is there for us and makes our life easier as a medical equipment vendor. Once a Blake Medical product is underneath one of our clients we will never have to go back because of a quality issue and that’s what makes us keep coming back.

- Patrick Zuccaro, Macdonald’s Home Health Care
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